Knowledge Transfer at the IOER

Photo: R. Vigh/IÖR-Media
white inscription "WISSEN" (KNOWLEDGE)

The transfer of knowledge is an important way for the IOER to raise public awareness of the challenges, issues and solutions of ecological spatial development and to prepare or encourage the application of new findings by society.

Therefore, the IOER provides a wide range of knowledge transfer services, including:

Research and Society

Knowledge transfer at the IOER is aimed towards politicians, public administrations, planning practice, actors from business and civil society as well as the public at large.

Clearly, knowledge transfer is not a "one-way street" but rather a reciprocal process, a dialogue with society. Research on ecological spatial development requires social input and appropriate feedback in order to stay relevant to society. In this way, knowledge transfer also makes an important contribution to the development of research at the IOER..


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